Reconstruction Topics

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Reconstruction Topics

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The following reconstruction topics are covered in this software:


Monte Carlo Analysis Icon:


Monte Carlo Control Icon


The Monte Carlo Analysis (MCA) Icon has been placed on each calculation page for easy access. Access to the MCA page is also available by selecting the MCA Icon (Dice) on the main program page.


Airbornes Menu

oFall & Vaults Formulas

Known Takeoff Angle

Known Roadway Slope

oAnatomy of a Ped Crash

oAnatomy of an Airborne

oMonte Carlo Analysis Icon (Control Area of Page)


Alcohol Menu

oAlcohol Amount to Reach Specific BAC Level

oDrinking After Offense

oExtrapolation Analysis

oBlood-Hospital Equivalents

oRelease From Custody Analysis

oOther BAC Situations

oMonte Carlo Analysis Icon (Control Area of Page)


Damage Menu

oCrush Energy Calculations

oDetermine Damage Centroid Location

oNHTSA Crash Test Analysis

From Crash Test Data

oMonte Carlo Analysis Icon (Control Area of Page)

oFuture Additions:

Damage Momentum Analysis

Damage Profile Drawings

Other Damage Analysis


Heavy Trucks Menu

oBraking Analysis

Disc Brake Analysis

Drum Brake Analysis

oMiscellaneous Analysis

Low-Speed Turns (Off-Tracking)

oMonte Carlo Analysis Icon (Control Area of Page)

oFuture Additions:

Heat Effects on Push-rod Stroke

Center of Mass Calculations

Rollover Calculations

Other Heavy Truck Analysis


Peds/Bikes Menu

oPedestrian Wrap Formulas

15 Different Formulas

oPedestrian Forward Projection Formulas

7 Different Formulas

oBicycle-Related Formulas

Lateral Acceleration Factor

Lean Angle Calculation

Pedal Cadence/RPM

oVehicle-Related Formulas

Appel Analysis

Higgins Analysis

React & Slide Analysis

Searle React & Slide Analysis

oMiscellaneous Scenarios

Body Segment Lengths

Crash Test Analysis

Fall from Moving Vehicle (Drop-Test)

Airborne Distance Estimate (Scurlock)

Pedestrian Throw Distance Calculation

oMonte Carlo Analysis Icon (Control Area of Page)


Time/Distance Menu

oAcceleration vs. Acceleration Vehicles

oAcceleration vs. Braking Vehicles

oAcceleration vs. Constant Vehicles

oBraking vs. Braking Vehicles

oBraking vs. Constant Vehicles

oConstant vs. Constant Vehicles

oMonte Carlo Analysis Icon (Control Area of Page)


Vehicle Specs Menu

oNHTSA Web Site - Database Search

oCanadian Vehicle Specs - Database Search

oCanadian Vehicle Specs Update Page


Wizards Menu

oAccel/Decel Factors

oAccel/Decel Scenarios

oDrag Factor Adjustment

oCombined Speed Scenarios

oConservation of Linear Momentum

Collinear Collisions

Two-Dimensional Collisions

Graphical Analysis

Vector Analysis

oPedestrian Forward Projection Summary

Forward Projection Formulas

oPedestrian Wrap Summary

Wrap Formulas

oVector Sum Solution

Complete coordinate analysis with scaled drawing

Coordinate Analysis

oVehicle Formula Summary

React & Slide Formulas

oMonte Carlo Analysis Icon (Control Area of Page)

oFuture Additions:

There are several future updates planned
in various reconstruction/investigation areas.

"Miscellaneous Scenarios" to be moved to Peds/Bikes Menu


Internet Menu

oLicense Management

License Management Site

Deactivate Software License

License FAQ

oSun & Moon Information

US Naval Observatory Web Site

Photoephemeris Web Site

SunCalc Web Site


View Menu

oProgram Information

This is internet base help & resource information

oCheck for updates

The program will check for posted updates upon program startup

To check at anytime, select the "Check for updates" menu item

oQuick Jump List

A list of open windows will appear at the bottom of this menu

Select any open window to jump to that calculation screen




Crush Energy Calculations (Damage Menu) - Feb 2023

Monte Carlo Analysis (Main Screen, Calculation Pages) - Feb 2023

oAirborne - Fall & Vault

oConservation of Linear Momentum (COLM)

360-Degree Momentum

Inline Same Direction

Inline Opposite Direction

oCritical Curve Speed

oSearle - All Considerations

oSlide to Stop

oMore scenarios will be added.............


Future Additions INCLUDE:


There are several regular updates planned for the  IMPACT© software. These updates and "all" new features will be available to "all" users possession a current software subscription. Users can check for updates at any time by way of the "View Menu." Otherwise, users will be a weekly notice when updates have been released for download. Some of these future additions include areas of:


Damage Momentum Analysis Scenarios

EDR Analysis Scenarios

Lane Change / Turn Away Scenarios

Rotational Mechanics Scenarios

Finite Differences Calculations

Other Related Reconstruction Methods


We appreciate your support of the IMPACT© software. As this software expands, we will always value your feedback for improvement, or any "Wish List" items you would like to see included. Simply select the link below to submit your feedback/suggestions.


Please contact Developer/Support