General Introduction

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General Introduction

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The IMPACT© - Collision Reconstruction Software has been created by Forensic Reconstruction Specialists Inc. (FRSI) using Microsoft Visual Studio Programming Software. The IMPACT© software covers many specialized areas of collision reconstruction & investigation and now includes the PEDBIKE 2000 Plus© - Pedestrian & Cyclist Specialty Software as part of this new software package.


As new reconstruction techniques and investigative methods are developed, the IMPACT© software will be updated to meet the ever-changing demands.




Since these IMPACT© Help Resources are internet-based, all updates, changes or modifications become immediately available to all customers with an active internet connection. This eliminates the need for uninstalling and reinstalling software patching or updating.


If you would like more information about this product, continue reading and if you have any questions, please contact:



Mike Reade

Forensic Reconstruction

Specialists Inc.





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